MONTESSORI CHRONICLE… Facilitating Joyful Years
The Montessori section of Oxford International School believes in child centered educational approach, a learning environment is created to help children develop at their own pace. The basis of the Montessori approach is an educational theory that shows concern for the development of the whole child. The physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual development of the child is intertwined. We believe that the child is not a blank slate which the teacher fills with information but that young minds have the ability to learn naturally and independently without formal instruction from an adult.
One may now ask, if such is the case, then why are teachers there? Well the answer is simple. The teachers at Oxford Jiggly are just facilitators and help the children to develop, imbibe and inculcate knowledge, values and facts of life. The curriculum planned by the school is a step towards the same which involves the children in group activities conducted under the supervision of their teacher. The children gain information, grow creatively and become more focused when approaching an activity.
Our aim is to:-
  • Teach children not to compete with others but strive for their own personal best.
  • Allow children to learn at their own pace fostering different learning styles.
  • Learn the process of how something works – rather than memorizing.
  • Learn to collaborate and work with others.
Each child has a special kind of mind, called an absorbent mind - a strong desire to explore everything around them using their senses and a drive to become independent. Hence, the curriculum is based on the international standards, emphasizing on the importance of stimulating brain growth. The focus is imparting skill based knowledge using sequential learning techniques, blending the best of global system with Indian ethos and values.