SCHOLASTIC EXCELLENCE……Power of Knowledge and Skill
Education is not all about studying and getting good marks. It is really a means to discover new things and increase our knowledge. It is not only contextual knowledge but also many essential things in life like - ethics, morals, responsibility, manners, behaviour, relationships,respect, knowledge as well as goal setting, planning, success, failures, pressure handling, how to accept changes in life etc. Hence, learning is at the heart of everything that occurs in our school. We offer students a broad, balanced curriculum which is challenging and intellectually stimulating throughout their time at school from Montessori to Primary and Secondary.
The curriculum of the school is organized according to the fourfold interests of the child in conversation, inquiry, construction and artistic expression. ‘Learning by doing’ approach, where the children are involved in various project and experiments, role play and dramatizations,helps in retention of the concept. Each lesson is made exciting and creative so that students enjoy learning, not only during their time in school, but also throughout life.
Dance and music form an integral part of the curriculum in school education. Various elocutions, workshops and competitions are introduced to develop communication skills, social skills and to build confidence. Field trips are arranged to ensure that the child grasps the concept in a free environment.