Dear Students and Parents,

I am happy and proud to share with you the achievements of our first batch of students in their ICSE examination. Our students performed very well in the board examination. I congratulate the students, parents, teachers, and staff for their collective effort that brought us the excellent results and accolades.

If I talk about the vision and the philosophy of Oxford ICSE, I must emphasize the vital point of mutual learning. We have made learning accessible to everyone. In the previous year, we had tried to bring forth the innate talents of our students through various activities. We had full cooperation of our PTA and other stakeholders in every endeavour that we attempted. This year we are aiming to make our students become more articulate and confident every day.

Our students are getting global exposure through the international programs. Oxford ICSE has become a known entity in the field of education now. We are focusing on student development and capacity building of our staff. We envisage Oxford to be one of the most renowned schools in Mumbai in a few years.

Education is not only learning from books or the web. It encompasses much more. It is all about reaching out to people and touching as many lives as possible. Our students are reaching out to the community and trying to share with them their joy, sorrow, and are able to get a holistic understanding of the society. I am sure they will be assets to our society in the future. We are putting in every effort to inculcate these values in them at Oxford ICSE.

We have a long way to go with everyone's cooperation and well wishes. Let us be exemplary in all our endeavours. Let us not create only qualified individuals but complete and sensible human beings. Let Oxford ICSE make you proud every year with its new innovations and offer you a great institute that promotes learning with difference.

My heartfelt thanks to all stakeholders of Oxford ICSE and best wishes for the forthcoming years of progress and advancement.

Best regards to all the family members of Oxford ICSE.

Ms.Dipika P. Das